Junk Food – 5 Healthy And Delicious Substitutes

October 17, 2022 , dates fruit, healthy foods

4 health benefits of dates

Dates are highly nutritious: Dates are rich in fiber and carbohydrates, which undoubtedly make them one of the healthiest dried fruits. With such a high concentration of essential nutrients and vitamins, it is no wonder that dates are one of the preferred fruits around the world.

Helps with bowel movements: The fiber in dates can be very beneficial for people who suffer from health problems caused by irregular bowel movements. In a study that was conducted for the effects of date consumption in preventing intestinal issues such as colon cancer, a group of 21 people tested ate about 7 dates every day. In these people, bowel movements were regular and excretion was done continuously.

It is useful for treating anemia: Dates can help treat anemia due to the large amount of iron it has. Dates are very suitable as a natural supplement for people with anemia. If you want to avoid the feeling of fatigue and lack of energy, it is better to consume dates so that your anemia will be cured over time.

Dates prevent Alzheimer’s disease: If you want to avoid brain diseases such as neurogenic diseases, include dates in your diet daily. Regular consumption of dates helps eliminate oxidative stress (imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body) and reduce inflammation. Despite such amazing properties, dates are effective in preventing Alzheimer’s and brain inflammations.

The amount of dates consumed per day

There have been many discussions in this field, but the most reliable articles consider eating three dates a day without any problems. Consuming too many dates can cause stomach problems, as well as skin irritation and itching.