difference between virgin and extra virgin olive oil

October 31, 2022 , Date Fruit Exporter, olive oil

Uses of extra virgin olive oil:

This type of olive oil is also used in cooking like all oils. You can use extra virgin olive oil in preparing all kinds of food, salad and bread. This oil is rich in antioxidants that help prevent cell damage caused by molecules called free radicals. Free radicals are substances that the body produces during metabolism and other processes. Antioxidant is the enemy of free radicals and neutralizes them. Nutritionists emphasize the use of this oil in the diet. Try to replace extra virgin olive oil with industrial oils to improve your health and that of your family. Dates fruit, too, contain antioxidants. 

What is virgin olive oil?

The production process of this type of oil is similar to that of extra virgin oil, where chemicals and heat are not used to extract oil from the olive fruit.

This oil is also unrefined. Virgin olive oil has the purity and true taste of olives. The difference between virgin and extra virgin oil is the amount of oleic acid. So that virgin olive oil has more oleic acid.

In terms of taste, virgin oil has a milder taste than extra virgin oil.

Extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the first step of olive pressing after harvest. No heat or chemicals are used in the production of this oil; Therefore, it is the healthiest and most useful type of olive oil.

Virgin oil is another type of olive oil that does not use heat or chemicals in its preparation. But the degree of acidity of this type is higher and it is not prepared by pressing olives in the first step. This oil is obtained in the third stage of olive fruit pressing and with the help of chemical and thermal processes.